Friday, May 24, 2013

The Truth

Many talk about the Holocaust in Germany however the biggest holocaust was here in America.

Visit and see what our Organization is up to and how you may help, even by spreading the word you are helping. The Indigo Bridge is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, this organization was created by Delbert Black Fox Pomani from the Dakota Nation he has a vision to Re-Unite all indigenous peoples with the power of faith, love, compassion, ceremony and prayer visit our website and help make that vision true.
For more information what is going on around the globe that affects Indigenous Peoples please visit you may also find information on how to join the Permanent of Indigenous Peoples Issues, and more information on the U.N. Indigenous Youth Caucus, North American Peoples Caucus, Indigenous Women Caucus and many more, time to join one another and voice our freedom of voice.
How are your Communities including youth? would love to hear your statements, as of right now The Indigo Bridge Native American Youth Society is looking for more Indigenous youth ages 12- 25 to join the Native American Youth Society, help us voice the voice of your communities and concerns, Please email us at IBNAYS@GMAIL.COM for more information and details on how to join.
Native American Youth should have a voice in their tribal goverments. Please state how your tribe involves their youth with tribal goverment decissions and if your tribe has any youth groups. I highly encourage indigenous youth to look into joining the United Nations Indigenous Youth Caucus, voice your opinions and share your knowledge with other interested Indigenous Youth who may have the same opinions and concerns as you.